Chelsea Chris: 

(Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Dancer) 


Chelsea is a singer’s singer.   Her powerful, rich, and very soulful voice has been compared to those of Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and even at times, Whitney Houston.   While she has the power and range to move an audience with a showstopper ballad (or a stirring rendition of the true singer's test, our National Anthem), at the same time, she possesses the richness of tone and R&B inspired interpretive skills

 to captivate us with an intimate acoustic set delivered from behind a piano. She is electrifying on any size stage and at home in front of any size audience.  (She has performed for audiences ranging from 4040,000 and has effectively "loosened a lot of purse strings" at charity benefits and fundraisers, especially for our troops, when she brings the house down and tears at your heart). At her own shows, she delivers her urban/dance originals with the energy of Prince, and has the ability and training to execute full on dance choreography like a young Beyonce

or Janet Jackson.  Just when you think you’ve seen all she has to offer, she breaks into one of her strong, melodic, mid tempo pop or pop/rock songs, belts out an anthem, or unplugs and captivates you with one of her moving, and often 

even prolific down tempo ballads.


 In short, Chelsea is compelling to both watch, and listen to………


While she has been singing for anyone who would listen for as long as she can remember, competing in contests and pageants and even doing a USO circuit as a little girl, she got serious at 16 when her parents drove her 3 hours to NYC where she met and auditioned for

Producer/Engineer and Songwriter, John Poppo

John had just come off producing a bunch of young major label artists (‘N Sync, LMNT, Jamie Lynn Sigler, etc.) and was searching, for a promising, new and undiscovered he believed to have superstar potential that he could sign to his new Production & Management company and properly develop into a true multi-threat “artist” with real skills and staying power.   John immediately recognized Chelsea’s gifts and committed to what would become a 6 year, intense artist development process where he personally mentored her through a “boot camp” level training program, consisting of everything from extensive recording and performing, to songwriting workshops, piano instruction, and even legitimate dance and fitness training.

John has worked with some of the best artists in the business (Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Michael/Janet Jackson, etc.) and is currently the Vice Chair of the Grammy Organization, but has often said that Chelsea’s talent is second to none he has ever seen, and that her work ethic and degree of passion, determination and commitment are equally inspiring!

Over the years, John and his company have provided all the necessary resources for Chelsea to develop her gifts.  While collaborating with her creatively and personally teaching her to play piano, write songs and craft her recording/performing chops himself, under his direction she has also: written additional songs on her own and collaborated with many others, including Barry Eastmond;  studied voice with Jan Smith (Usher, Drake, Rob Thomas, Justin Bieber, Keri Hilson, India Arie) and  William Riley  (Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Stevie Wonder, Faith Hill); studied multiple forms of dance at the famed Broadway Dance Studio in NYC with the likes of Sheryl Murakami and countless other renowned instructors; rehearsed tirelessly with her own choreographers, including Aisha Francis (Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Kelly Roland);

spent what she affectionately refers to as “a million hours”  in the gym with personal trainers; worked with makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers and video directors; formed and rehearsed several live bands; and done hundreds of “below the radar” performances of all sorts, all “in service to the mission” of honing her craft.  




Today, still only 22 years old, Chelsea has well over two albums worth of very strong original material written and recorded, an awesome live band in place,

an impressively choreographed and staged show, thousands of hours of rehearsals and performances under her belt, and an arsenal of polished skills that support her artistic soul and natural talent, not to mention, John and all his creative and business resources.  She is also beautiful, intelligent, and charismatic. Perhaps the biggest surprise given all she has going for her and her fierce persona on stage, is how genuinely down to earth and even humble she appears to be.    



.......John is very excited for her, and teases that she is "finally poised to become an 'overnight' sensation'', to which she readily fires back, "yeah, now that he's finally ready to let me out of the 'bat-cave' to try!!"  But she just as quickly  disarms and adorably blushes a little when she hears that he more seriously, privately says she is ready for anything and is headed for a huge amount of well deserved and earned success, and people are in for a real treat!”  Seated in the audience at a recent performance, while she was still holding the amazing final note of her second encore, he sunk back in his chair, exhaled, and whispered to himself with the confidence of a man who'd seen the future: “Wow!...Get ready world. You’re about to fall in love with Chelsea Chris!”  Judging by the thunderous applause, it appeared that the audience would agree!"